Thursday, November 15, 2012

This is Halloween

We bought tickets to go to the annual Warren Miller movie in Park City. Tucker and Aubrey came with us too, so that we could get a free ski pass for them too. My cousin and his wife were going as well, so we met up with them.

 My Mom took all the girls in the family to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village the weekend before Halloween. My Mom and sister made our hats and skirts.

 Halle and Aubrey. We borrowed Aubrey's costume from a friend.
 The Foster women.
 My Dad tagged along and took pictures of us everywhere we went.
 All the girls.
 Grandma and Grandpa Grant drove down to see us all.
 My parents threw a Halloween Family Night party. We ate dinner and saw all my Dad's Halloween gadgets. He goes all out for this day. He has coffins, flying ghosts, sound effects, moving candelabras, bats and more. The kids loved the bubble fog machine he had this year.

 Isn't Blake the saddest yet cute little cow. My friend gave me the costume. It barely fit him. Poor kid went to a bunch of houses at first, and ended up in the stroller for the rest of the night. I'd wheel the stroller up to a door and he'd still get his treat. Trick or treat wasn't in his vocabulary this year.
 Neighborhood gang. We've got a pineapple in the back and 2 gangsta kids. Aubrey and Tucker decided to be the same as last year. Tinkerbell and a bat. Cole is Spiderman and little Blakey the cow.
 Cody made some awesome chili for dinner and we invited our good friends, the Ashursts, over for dinner. I decided after trick or treating that I didn't want to do the dishes. Well, this is what happened to our sink later that night. Our sink fell in. We went a day without water until Cody had time to do a temporary fix. Thankfully our dishwasher works great and scrubbed that day old chili left in the bowls, right out.


Marisa said...

Dang I wish my dishwasher was that good! Cute costumes, Aspen keeps saying "that's my friend Aubrey!"