Thursday, November 15, 2012

Randomness of October

The elementary had dressup days for Red Ribbon week. Aubrey wore a wig for crazy hair day. My neighbors let me borrow 4 of their dressup/Halloween wigs and she chose one of those. I call it the Mom wig. It reminds me of my Mom's hair, and my own hair I guess.

 Cody went to Moab for a day with his cousin a few weeks ago. Jaron had gone camping with his family and his truck broke down. Cody was kind to volunteer to go back down and get the now fixed truck with Jaron. But, they had to get a bike ride in. They did the practice loop at Slickrock.
 Can you tell they are cut from similar genes. Cody's Mom and Jaron's Dad are twins : )
 I was able to snap a picture of this red tailed hawk that was hanging out on a tree next door. I also got a shot of it flying away with it's reddish tail.
 I took the kids to get their pumpkins from Days Market one Monday night. I told them they could only pick a pumpkin that they could carry. They all did, even Blake, although he wanted no part of this picture.
We didn't carve our pumpkins until the 30th. Cole did a Y for BYU, Tucker a bat and Aubrey a plain jackolantern. Cody drew a ghost on Blake's pumpkin.
 Our neighbor has a riding lawn mower and he is so sweet to give the boys rides. Cole loves it, Blake is a bit more tentative. Richard is also one of the boys nursery leaders. Some of our other friends/neighbors lovingly refer to Richard as Santa Claus. Richard joked once that if our friends wanted an underground trampoline, that he could come over and jump on it for them. We really have the funnest neighborhood!
 Cody enjoys bragging about how awesome it is to work in Park City. He took this picture in October showing off the bright yellow trees.
 2 weeks ago this became his view. Ski resorts are open, snow is covering the lawn, it's time for winter.