Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

We had a great long Mother's Day weekend. We kicked it off by having Cody's parents come up to our house for dinner Friday night. We gave Cody's mom a flowering plum tree that she loves. When Cody opened up our garage to show her, there were two trees standing there. He told his mom that the tree on the right was hers and I looked at him and asked, "Oh, well then who's tree is on the left?" He laughed and told me "Happy Mother's Day!". He gave me a blazing maple tree. It's awesome! Cerola played outside with Aubrey and her friend Kate. Aubrey now knows how to play hopscotch! I made homemade strawberry ice cream for the first time. We bought the ice cream maker from the Lintons last year before we moved from Maryland, but I never took the time to make anything. It was delicious! Nothing beats homemade ice cream!

Cody and his Dad went and bought a shovel (you can tell we are new homeowners because we own NOTHING for a yard), some potting soil and they planted my tree.
Saturday we drove up to Logan and helped my sister and her husband out at their house. They are moving into an older home that needs a bunch of work done on it and we did all the outside yard work.
Sunday morning at 6:00am we were woken up to a darn woodpecker pecking our rooftop. It likes to start at 6 every morning. Cody has to go outside and throw a rock at it to get it to shut up. We are borrowing a BB gun for the next time it comes (of course this morning it didn't make a noise). We did get to see this at 6 in the morning! I love our views!
Here's my little maple tree. Every year on Mother's Day I'm going to take a picture of my kids by it to see how big it grows.
I'm so blessed to be a mother to my 3 cute kids. They can drive me crazy at times, but I always love them at the end of the day.
Because Cody and I just moved into our house my grandparents decided that we should host a Mother's Day dinner for my dad's side of the family. It was so fun to have all my relatives that were in town come up for the afternoon. These are the great grandchildren from my Dad's family.
These are all my cousins, siblings and spouses that were able to come. Good times. : ) Unfortunately the lighting was horrible for all the pictures. We don't have blinds yet and you can obviously tell.
And here's my hardworking hubby who does so much for me. Thanks for making my Mother's Day special!
I'm so grateful for my Mom and Cody's Mom. They are both great and do so much for us! We love you!
On a side note...Tucker was able to go up with the primary for the first time yesterday and "sing" songs about mother's to us in sacrament meeting. Of course he didn't sing, but he smiled and waved at me a ton. Love that boy!


Marisa said...

How fun about the tree, although looking at your yard (which looks just like ours did last year) I definitely don't envy all the work you have ahead of you! We can tell you a lot about how to do things the right way since we did half of it the wrong way, so let us know when you're planning to put in grass, sprinklers, etc. and we'll tell you what NOT to do! Your dress and earrings are super cute in that picture, along with all 3 of your kids! Can't wait to run the race with you next month, are you feeling ready for it???

Karen, Mackay, Easton & Kallie said...

i assume that cody and heather's hubby get along very well! I love seeing pictures of them cause they always make me laugh. :o) I want to come up this week, so call me. maybe wed??

The Huff Family said...

I love your new tree. What a great idea to take a picture each year. That is also a great picture of you and the kids! Sydney LOVES looking at the pictures of your family!

Carson Calderwood said...

Congrats on buying a shovel and planting your first tree! I was pretty excited to do the same. It's a watershed moment. :-)

Russell said...

Or at least don't get caught doing it. Any fall you want to shoot sage grouse though, come on over Cody.

Leah and Mike said...

What a fun weekend...and busy! I LOVE homemade icedream!! I think I need to make some SOON. Glad you had a fun Mother's Day.