Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

We had such a fun weekend. We went up to my Grandpa's cabin and celebrated not only the holiday but my Mom and sister's birthdays as well. (It was also Cody's dad's b-day on the same day, but he was in Seattle for the weekend so we weren't able to see him). We were able to be with my whole family and had a great time riding horses, the gator, fishing, playing games, eating and relaxing! I love the colors in this photo. We did a couple short rain showers, but had fun nonetheless.

A kids dream to run free in a field of grass - with sticks!
Teaching Aubrey the song "Horsey horsey on our way..."
Happy Birthday Mom!
Cody cornered and caught a chipmunk that was hiding in the barn.
Wish you could have seen Cody riding the tractor. Full speed ahead!
Our cutie Cole! He just had his 4 month appointment on Tuesday and is 14.6lbs. He's right at the 50% for everything.
Aubrey helping to shuck corn for the big birthday dinner.
Fishing up at Smith and Morehouse Reservoir.

Friday night we were able to hangout with our good dental friends the Wades. This is Cassidy and Cole. They were born about a month apart. Amber did a cute post comparing Will and Aubrey and Cassidy and Cole. It's fun to go through pregnancies and other things with friends!
And lastly here's our little guy just hanging out sucking his johnny jumper. He's such a good baby!


Russell said...

Awsome weekend!!! Everything looks so beautiful. I spent many untold hours in the yellow kayak (Cody knows) on smith and morehouse back when there was not pavement passed the railroad tracks and they filmed the Grizzly Adams TV show there.

Marisa said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Cole is so adorable! It's always so ironic when it rains in Utah and we have great weather here - it's so noticable because it doesn't happen very often!

Justin & Erin Linton Family said...

Looks like fun and exciting.. Keep it up. I Love corn on the cob, that sounds good... maybe I'll go and get some. :) Fun that you were able to hang out with the Wades. Maybe we will make it out there this summer. Who knows... still trying to convince Justin.

Katie said...

that sounds like such a great weekend! glad you guys had fun!

Lindsey said...

Hi! Looks like a really fun weekend! I am clogging with Cambria at her new studio she is doing. Cam has always been one of my best friends and since I know a lot of the girls on her team I am clogging with her. Are you teaching clogging again?!

Carson Calderwood said...

Nice post. Love the camo hat bro!

US said...

Cole is such a cute little nugget! We really need to see you guys!

Becca and Brian said...

Where did you get the Johny Jumper? My sister really wants one for her boy but I have no idea where to find one. Looks like a fun memorial weekend!

Amber said...

Looks like you had a fun memorial day! It was fun getting together for dinner. Thanks again for the invite. We will have to do it again soon. Also, I may give you a call sometime on Friday or Saturday if you will be around. Spencer's bro Colton is in the State Rodeo up in Heber. So if we have a minute we may get a chance to pop in and say hi if you aren't too busy.