Sunday, September 4, 2016

Calderwood-Bauer clan and the proposal

Kamille and I have been getting the kids together more, and it's been fun to see how they all interact and are becoming great friends. Last week we took the whole clan out to eat at Panda Express. It's definitely going to take some adjusting to getting used to ordering food for nine people. It's been fun though. After dinner we took them to go see "Kubo and the Two Strings". We all loved it. What a fun movie. We almost took up an entire row by ourselves.

The next day we went to Lagoon courtesy of Clint's brother Dirk. We were able to buy some discounted tickets through his work. We are a pretty large group every where we go now.

It was a fun day at Lagoon with great weather. Kamille and I had to split up every now and then because Wyatt and Blake aren't quite tall enough to ride all the rides. One of us would take the bigger kids on the big ride and the other would accompany the two little boys on their ride.

Here's our fantastic clan of 9.

After an incredibly fun, exciting and happy dating process, Kamille and I decided a few weeks ago that we wanted to get married. There are several reasons for this, and it was very well thought out and analyzed. Dating and getting married with kids is more complicated than getting married the first time around.  It wasn't just some rash decision that we jumped into. We make each other so happy. Our kids get along great, and they need a two parent home. Seeing my kids respond so well to Kamille has melted my heart. They love her and are always so eager for her to be around. When I come home from work they usually ask me when they get to see Kamille and her kids next. And another reason that has given us confidence to proceed forward is that the Spirit has been giving us the green light for quite awhile. 

We have been quietly making some of the preparations necessary for a wedding. Kamille and I went to pick out wedding rings and she picked out a really beautiful custom ring. It finally came in on Friday and I had made all the plans for a fun and meaningful proposal. 

On Saturday morning I told Kamille and her kids that we were going to do a scavenger hunt. At this stage of life a marriage isn't solely about me and my partner, but it also needs to be about the kids. Since we have 7 fun and energetic kids, I wanted to incorporate them into the proposal as well. I had to do some prep work before hand to pull this off, and thanks to the help of some other people the scavenger hunt went exactly as planned. At 10:00 I texted her the first clue. Each destination had a meaningful and symbolic representation of something I love and admire about Kamille and she was required to complete a specific task at each location.

Her first clue sent her to her yarn shop that she owns and operates. It represents her tremendous work ethic that I love. She is such a hard worker. While there she had to knit a row and then was given her next clue.

Her next destination was REI. I love her sense of adventure. She loves to get out and do stuff. We have had some fun dates hiking, boating, etc. What better place than REI to represent that outdoor adventure. While there at REI she had to take a bike for a test ride in the parking lot.

Her next clue sent her to a hair salon. She is so beautiful and gorgeous, both inside and out, and I thought a salon was a good symbol of that beauty she has. While there she had to do a braid in Neiska's hair.

The next clue sent her to the Oquirrh Mountain temple where my parents were waiting for her with the next clue. The temple represents her love and devotion to the Lord.

The clue my parents gave her sent her back to her house. I love what a family oriented person she is and wanted to have all of our kids around when I proposed. I parked my truck around the corner so that she didn't suspect anything as she walked in to her house. I had my kids help me with the signs. Each kid was responsible for a word in the phrase "Will you marry me?" They got to design them however they wanted. At the end of the line of my kids holding their signs was me holding a dozen roses and her ring.

Thankfully she said yes when I asked her if she would marry me.

It's all so very exciting and fun to be engaged to Kamille. We have set a date for November 11th in the Salt Lake temple. We have already begun many of the necessary preparations to combine the two families. We have ordered a table large enough that we can all sit at in the kitchen. I purchased a 9 passenger suburban this week. We have selected and reserved the reception center and are working out all of those details. Kamille picked out her wedding dress, and I have been working hard to finish up the basement so that they can move in with us. Neiska, Tucker, and Aubrey will all have their own rooms. Gunner and Cole will share the huge basement bedroom, and Blake and Wyatt will share the big bedroom over the garage that has the toy room attached. Everything has been falling in to place so wonderfully for us. It feels so good to be so happy again after such a long battle that we both had while caring for spouses with cancer.


Sarah said...

I love all of this! I am so thrilled for you both.

Jared + Carly Reid said...

We are happy for you, Cody!

Laurel said...

Congratulations! So happy for you guys!

Rachel H said...

What a fun idea! Congratulations to both of your families!

Curious said...

Serious question - if you were sealed to your late wife, how does that work when you get remarried? Will you be with both in the afterlife or do you only get sealed to one person ever? Maybe I have completely misunderstood what that means.

Cody Calderwood said...

To Curious,
That's a great question. Yes I am sealed to my late wife, and Kamille is sealed to her late husband. So we are only going to be married for time, not for eternity.