Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Halloween '15

This year we procrastinated and spent the Monday before Halloween in the aisles of Walmart looking for costumes.  None of the kids wanted to repeat anything in our storage boxes at home. This was in the first year in many that our school district allowed the kids to have a costume parade. Grandma Sue came up and took me to lunch beforehand and we waited for each grade to pass by. It was cold, but the kids were excited to walk around the block and wave hi to their admirers. 
Cole was Spider-man. No masks or weapons were allowed.

 Aubrey was a pirate. 

 Blake was Captain America. He is one of the only little white kids in his all day kindergarten class. Most of the kids are placed in all day because English is their 2nd language, they are Hispanic. He came around the corner holding Mrs. Henry's hand. 
 Tucker and his group of friends. He was a Grim Reaper.

 Cody and I went as the Lion Hunter and Cecil the Lion. We thought our costumes were hilarious and very clever. The scandal over the dentist that shot the famous lion earlier in the year was all over the media. Some people immediately got it and others needed it explained. Cecil was a lion in Zimbabwe that was killing the people and a dentist in the US had a permit to go on a lion hunt and happened to shoot Cecil. Animal activists weren't very happy. I did my own makeup and found my costume at a Halloween store in Orem. We trick or treated in our neighborhood this year with the Clarks.