Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend in Maryland

One of my really good friends from dental school, Rizwan Ahmad, was having a wedding reception in Maryland over Labor Day weekend and invited us to attend. Lisa and I jumped at the opportunity to return to Maryland again. We loved our four years living there and often miss aspects of that beautiful state. We flew in late Thursday night and went straight to our hotel.
Friday morning we went into Baltimore and drove around a little to reminisce. Around lunch time we drove to the dental school and picked up Spencer, my brother's brother-in-law. Seeing as how he is a starving student, we took him out to eat at an awesome restaurant, Bo Brooks. It came highly recommended from some of my patients that are from Baltimore so we decided to give it a try.

The #1 most popular Baltimore dish is the steamed crabs. We ordered a bunch and went to town.

They were delicious and did not disappoint.

After the wonderful lunch with Spencer we did some shopping in the inner harbor and bought some tasty treats. Baltimore really does have a charm about it. I love where I live the most, but I could easily live in Maryland again if given the chance.
For Friday evening we drove down to Washington DC to attend a Nationals game. It was fun to take a quick trip around the mall. I had forgotten how big it is and was impressed that we have walked all of that on several different occasions.

We bought tickets for some great seats just above center field.

We got some great views of Bryce Harper. His first at bat was a home run. Pretty exciting.

It is a beautiful ball park and has a fun atmosphere. We really enjoyed it.

Saturday morning we went down to the DC temple. We originally wanted to attend a session but the temple was closed for cleaning, so instead we went to the visitors center and watched Meet the Mormons. That temple is still one of my favorites. So beautiful and majestic.

After the temple we drove over to the wedding reception. On the way over we saw this street sign for Tuckerman Drive. Tucker got a kick out of this photo.

Rizwan is from Pakistan and his wife is from India. They are both devout Muslims. The reception was amazing. So much color and such fun culture. It really made our culture look bland and boring. As the immediate family members were arriving to the reception, a cousin was announcing their names and a guy dressed up in full Indian regalia was beating on this large drum. It was so cool.

Their outfits were so neat.

It was easily the best wedding reception I've ever been to. The food they provided was quite incredible as well. I'm so happy for Rizwan and his new wife Aisha.

After the reception we drove down into Northern Virginia to go watch the BYU vs Nebraska football game. Through some friends I found a group of people that were going to be watching the game. The homeowner invited us down and provided all the drinks and food we could want. He had an incredible theater room with a huge 15 foot projection screen. It ended up being one of the most exciting finishes I have ever seen. BYU won a tight fought game on a last second hail marry from our true freshman quarterback.  It was so much fun to watch.

 On Sunday morning we met up with Lisa's dancing friend Maureen and her boy friend. We ate a delicious breakfast and had a great time with her.

It was a quick, short trip back to magnificent Maryland that we really enjoyed. I hope to make it back there again soon.