Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Time Fun

After Lisa's tumor surgery we have tried to continue to get out and do some fun stuff with the kids. Early in April we decided to take the kids down to the hot springs outside of Fillmore during conference Saturday sessions.  The weather was great.  It was a sunny but chilly spring day, but the temps didn't matter because we were in the hot springs.  Lisa and I were so surprised and excited by Blake's reaction when we got there.  Last year Blake was terrified of the water.  Whenever we went boating he was so afraid of getting in the water.  We tried everything to help him get over his fear, but nothing worked.  Even with a life jacket on if we put him in the water he would scream at the top of his lungs and say, "I'm dying!"  He wasn't dying, and was never in danger of even drowning, but he was irrationally afraid. As we showed up to the hot springs he got in on his own and started swimming around.  He turned to Lisa and said, "Look mom, I'm not dying." It was pretty funny.

The kids had a blast in the warm water.

It was a great day trip down to the hot springs.

Early in May we took the boat our for the first time this year at Deer Creek.  The water was quite smooth but very cold.  The state park website said the water temps were 48 degrees that day.  Other than my feet, the rest of my body stayed warm because of my wet suit. I had been itching to hit the water, and those short runs really satisfied the itch.  Now to get back out in the next few days!

A couple weeks ago Lisa and I took the kids to the Payson temple open house. It is a beautiful building and is very inspiring.  The kids enjoyed it.