Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blue Bird Ski Day

I had a few Deer Valley passes left over, so we decided to use them yesterday before the resorts close.  The ski season is quickly coming to a close due to the warm weather.  Lisa and I headed up in the morning with the three older kids for one last hurrah.

Here is a picture of Tucker on the gondola ride up.

The weather was incredible.  It was a bright, sunny day.  Some of the best weather I can remember having while skiing.  It got really warm in the afternoon.  We ended up heading home a little before 3:00 because the snow was getting too soft.  It was a picture perfect spring skiing day.
Aubrey catching a breather on the ground while waiting for her brother.

They were all smiles.  I have to laugh at how little they are.  My little midgets on the mountain.

The kids have all improved quite a bit this year.  We were able to ski together as a family now that they can all get down the mountain at a reasonable speed.  The kids love to find jumps and trails through the trees, so Lisa and I just follow along and pick them up every once in a while if they get stuck.  They are so fun to watch and be with.

A nice gentleman offered to take our family photo for us overlooking the Heber Valley.

In case we weren't sure if the kids had fun, we heard comments from them like "Best day ever!" and this morning Cole asked us if we could go skiing again.  Another successful ski season in the books for the Calderwood family.  Bring on the spring and summer activities now.