Saturday, July 13, 2013

4 B's

Blond Baby Blake's Birthday!
Our baby turned 3 on 7-11. It was a joyous day 3 years ago, yet probably the most painful too. I went into labor early that morning and popped him out less than 2.5 hours later. We were at the hospital for 18 minutes before he was born. Beat my doctor and had nurse Holly deliver him. You can read all about his birth here.
 3 months old
 1 year
Then we skip to his birthday. I was too sick last year to get pictures taken. I just got new ones this past week, but don't have them available to scan and post yet. This is the group shot I got on a cd. I can pick up their individual pictures next week.

Blake is our super happy, smiley boy. I had plans to make him a cool race track cake, but with my MRI and doctor appointment being on the same day, he ended up with a double round chocolate cake. He and all the other kids loved it. We had a little pool party and Great Grandpa Foster's house with all his grandparents.
 Love the way his cheeks are puffed out while trying to blow his candle out. I'm pretty sure he did it, but Cole was sitting nearby and tried to help.

 A few gifts to open and then he wanted back in the pool.
 Tucker and Aubrey are doing well with swimming and Cole can float in a life jacket but Blake is still learning. At one point only Aubrey and Blake were in the pool and Blake drifted away from the stairs and side wall. He was on his back, and not drowning, but he was scared. Aubrey wasn't doing anything and I knew he wasn't going to swim back, so I jumped in and grabbed him. I didn't have to go under, but I wore a towel on my drive home. I'd rescue my children any day.
 We had Little Caeser's Pizza for dinner and cake and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.
 Calderwood boys. Cole and Tucker don't like to be left out.
 Foster side.

 He loves to fly with his Daddy.
I started potty training Blake 3 weeks ago and we have good and bad days. He's doing better than I expected. Cole was very difficult. But, last night I had to take out the carpet cleaner to clean up a big mess in his room. New carpet will be a purchase in a few years! Whoever thought to put light colored carpet in homes must not have kids. We love our Blakey boy and are glad he's a part of our family.