Saturday, January 14, 2017

Moving, Aubrey's competition, and bachelor party.

At the end of October we packed up Kamille's house and moved her and the kids up to Midway so that her kids to start school at the beginning of the new term. It was a lot of stuff that we put in that huge truck.

After a really long day of putting all the kids to work unloading the truck, I treated them to dinner at Arby's. They were great little helpers that day.

Aubrey had a dance competition in Salt Lake City and did great again.

The week before I got married, a bunch of guys from my boating group took me out to Top Golf in Salt Lake City for a night of food and golf as part of my bachelor's party. They are such a fun group of guys.


Drew Watts said...

Love this post a lot. All of these events look very nice. At one of the rental spaces for parties I too became a part of the rooftop bachelorette party. It was a super cute bash hosted by the bride to be! She is adorable and her theme was also describing her personality.