Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lisa's Birthday and a Masquerade Ball

Saturday September 24th would have been Lisa's 35th birthday. We all got together to celebrate it. We went to her grave site where I shared some stories with the kids. Stories of Lisa, and stories of what they were like as babies with Lisa. It was really sweet.

For lunch we went to Taco Bell. We got some cheesy sauce in addition to our tacos and chalupas in honor of Lisa. I still smile to think of how much she loved her Taco Bell those last few months of her life.

We also had a piñata for her. We still miss her very much.

That evening Kamille and I attended a masquerade ball that was a fundraiser for an organization that cares for kids who are battling cancer or have parents battling cancer.

It was really fun for us to get dressed up. The whole time I had the song from Phantom of the Opera going through my mind..."Masquerade! Paper faces on display!"